Nintendo Switch, the new console that is portable and desktop at the same time

After months and months of rumors, names and renders, Nintendo finally has presented its main dish that will catapult him back into the market of consoles: Nintendo Switch.

Surprise for all, the new console Nintendo NX, but Nintendo Switch is not called, in Spanish, “change”, since it’s the first hybrid console of nintendo.

So the new hybrid console of Nintendo

In effect, Nintendo has presented today the Nintendo Switch, a console portable and desktop at the same time, i.e., we can play with it connected to the TV or from your own screen, where and when. Hence the name of hybrid.

Other interesting options: you can use your Android for intera

Specifically, consists of two parts, the Switch Console Nintendo and Nintendo Switch Dock. The first could be considered as a kind of tablet, with two controls called Joy-with removable on both sides and with a stand at the back that will allow you to keep right.

This, to be adapted to the Switch Dock (without cables), be used by their conventional command, called Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and from our TV. This introduction and extraction of the console to its base is carried out quickly and easily with just to adapt these small knobs Joy-with.


Finally, there is another kind of control, called Joy-with Grip, which is also compatible with the Joy-with and is of square shape, along with other commanders, seems a little uncomfortable, although it is still early to draw any conclusion.

In fact, estimated its launch to March 2017, but unknown throughout his price, a factor that will ultimately determine the success of this new and long-awaited console. Performance and features yet little is known, although NVIDIA has confirmed that it incorporates your processor (Tegra?) inside.

What do you think of this Nintendo Switch? Do you think that triumfara?

Leaked the specs and the first images of the Meizu Pro 6s

Are lately being able see how are emerging a quantity huge rumors about the Chinese company Meizu, and it is that the network does not know if Meizu is considering follow the example of Xiaomi, trying to match in the battle to see which company is capable of to launch more terminals.

Recently you had that Meizu was thinking to present its new top of range, Meizu Pro 7. However, recently we learned that the Asian firm will first launch a revamped version of its current top, with the name of Meizu Pro 6s, and have now seen their specifications thanks to the first leaked images of the terminal.

Meizu Pro 6 destacada

The Meizu Pro 6s could be presented this month

As you can see, in the image is reveal a good number of them specifications of the terminal, including the nomenclature of the same, thanks to a test of Antutu. Your screen, while not know the size, will be Full HD, and will be accompanied of a reader of fingerprints fingerprint in its part lower. All this with a processor of Mediatek, of which not know much, but that could be the helium X 27 of which you speak makes little, by what in power not us fits doubt of that will be well equipped.


All this 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory will accompany you, there may be variations with more RAM or more internal memory, although it would be enough rather than from Meizu they play a unique model by. From Phonearena assure that in the aspect of the software, the Meizu Pro 6s be incorporated except surprise Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

This renewal of the top of range of Meizu could be presented this same month of October, more specifically the day 31, in which Meizu has summoned to the press for an event where except surprise will present this new smartphone.

OUKITEL U11 Plus: design and specifications of high price range

It is undeniable that everyone loves have in our hands a top terminal range, any of which we all have in mind when we think of in the features more top that we find today. However, many of us can not access them because their prices are very high, both went down the level and access to middle range, or to a new call premium mid-range.

In this sector there are an endless number of variations, and here the Chinese manufacturers are specialists in offering very good benefits and often accompanied by a good manufacture, an attractive design with noble materials. An example of this is the U11 OUKITEL Plus, a terminal that will soon come to market and that reading its features on top of the paper seems much less interesting.

We talk about hardware that has 4 GB of RAM, which are capable of moving up to 50 applications in multitasking* without disheveled, thanks also since their 32 GB of internal storage allows us to have them installed without uninstalling some to make hollow to new ones. The firm boasts the two camera that incorporates, as both, for both the front as for the rear are of no less than 16 MP, something that should offer us a good final outcome mainly with the front.

Unfortunately still not is dare to give us a price end, however promise that will be very set and that it will see so soon is released his companion U15S, another terminal that will come just before this in the next month of November, dates very interesting just before the boom of Christmas.

MediaTek presents the new P15 helium, 10% more powerful than the previous generation

You must live under a rock to not know what is MediaTek. When we talk about Chinese phones and tablets , MediaTek is usually always the name that is printed on the processor, and precisely of these we are going to talk about today, because MediaTek has made an important announcement. The company’s technology Asian has released the new MediaTek helium P15, the successor natural of the helium P10 that comes to improve something that already was pretty good.

The helium P15 is an eight-coreprocessor Cortex-A53 moving at a speed of 2.2 GHZ. We’re talking very fast, and less envelope paper seems that we will not have performance problems. It shall be accompanied by the Mali GPU-T860 MP2 ‘s dual-core speed rises to 800 MHz. These numbers not are too different from his brother small, the helium P10, that is moves to 2 GHz and has the same GPU but “grey” to a speed of 700 MHz.

Although the numbers do not vary too much, since the company made some interesting promises. On the one hand, MediaTek promises a 10% more performance over the previous generation and better energy efficiency. The problem is that the processor will continue being manufactured by the same process TSMC 28nm-the same procedure that the P10-. Although this sounds Chinese, what comes to us to say this is thatimprovements in the battery will not be so many because both processors have the same “base”.


Although not know what memory RAM will have that accompany to the new helium P15, according to MyDrivers, all points to is will continue to opting for the same memory that the P10: a single-channel LPDD3-933. Com could not be otherwise, the P15 helium will feature support for 4 G/LTE and LTE Cat.6 – which has more speed-. Although we do not know what be the phone that will have the honor of riding this processor for the first time, it is clear that it will not take much to see it in the upcoming phones that come from China.

Do you think the new mediatek?

Do you have a HTC phone? Care, to the app’s browser you is some time of life

In a commendable attempt to regain attention and lost interest of its users, this year, HTC has made several changes in its strategy in the field of smartphones. The Taiwanese company launched at the beginning of the 2016 their ship logo, HTC 10, which has not had the expected success, despite being a phone that stands out in the majority of sections, except the price.

However, together to the its latest flagship, HTC opted to change some things, specifically the aspect software. One of the most valued changes among users was the choice to include fewer needed applications, not so interfering with the designed by Google and by reducing the amount of bloatware.

Chrome Dev para Android

However, was an app that remained factory installed on phones from manufacturer: Internet HTC, which is to undertake the functions of a Web browser. Fortunately, and from this moment, we have been able to know thanks to PhoneArena this app coming stock with the terminals of the brand, until now will bereplaced by Google Chrome as of November 30. Although this is not everything.

And, in addition, HTC Internet application will be eliminated from the Google app store. In essence, the decision of HTC, although welcome, makes it impossible that the default browser will be updated in the future. Therefore, if you use Internet HTC, you recommend from Andro4all that begin to move your markers and selection of pages favorite to Google Chrome.

As the Android ecosystem evolves, they are more and more manufacturers who choose to Let the own Google that worry will be responsible for key applications such as calendar, Gallery or even the music player. Undoubtedly, we are before a strategy that the rest of manufacturers should follow, since would save much space within any device.

How about this maneuver made by HTC? do you think it’s logical?

Is your smartphone protected? Everything you should know about IP certifications

No one can deny that the mobile devices that we have today they are much more functional and allow us to do tasks that a few years ago were unthinkable. But the evolution of not only smartphones has been internally, since with the passage of the years has also been improving its design to become really nice devices – at least, in most cases-.

But both beauty and design makes that the devices are also more delicate and that we should be careful when making use of them in bad weather or in places where there is too much dust or water may fall. And is that the made of that our smartphones receive any coup, them between powder or dipped in water is something that can cause the wrong operation of the same.

Them manufacturers it know and by that deal of improve the resistance of them devices with the incorporation of new materials to its construction that are capable of resist more hits and conditions adverse. But today we want to talk about the famous certification IP, the certification of the best-known protection today in the world of smartphones.


IP certification, what is and so serves

Before further progress should clarify that IP certification is a certificate which responds to the name International Portection and that gives us the security that the device meets a series of requirements and standards of protectionaccording to IEC 60529 protection standard.

In this way, all those devices that possess this certification, ensuring we have undergone certain tests that give a degree of protection against the entry of solid or liquid inside objects. Sure that many of you may have noticed that over the past years has been enough fashion to highlight this certification at the time of promoting a smartphone, which guarantees the protection of the same front to water and dust.

And is that the made of that our devices mobile us accompany virtually to all sites, has developed its protection facing this type of elements in something almost compulsory. But what mean every one of those numbers that accompany to these acronyms? It is table will help you to be much more clear.

First digit second digit 0 no protection no protection against water 1 an object of size less than 50 mm cannot enter into the device lightweight protection against splash 2 an object smaller than 12, 5 mm cannot enter the device lightweight protection against splash from any direction 3 an object of less than 2, 5 mm size cannot enter the device protection against water spray 4 an object of size less than 1mm can not enter the device protection against water jets, 10 l per minute at a pressure of 80-100kN/m ^ 2 for 5 minutes 5 can get powder, but that does not affect the operation of the device protection against jets of water with a mouthpiece of 6, 3 mm in diameter to 12, 5 l per minute at a pressure of 30kN/m ^ 2 6 cannot enter dust under any circumstances protection to jets with an average of 100 l per minute and a pressure of 30kN/m ^ 2 7 – protection of jets with an average of 100 litres per minute and pressure of 30kN/m ^ 2 8 – complete protection to dip with a grade established by the manufacturer, but always greater than the K 9 7 protection against very powerful jets at high temperatures

As you can see, the table is divided in first and second digit, taking each one of them different degrees of protection. The higher the number, more protection will be our device against this kind of elements.

The first digit of this certification, which includes values between 0 and 6, would correspond to the protection against the entry of solid to the interior of our device objects. On the other hand, the second digit us shows the degree of protection of our device facing the water.


With this in mind we might see as a certification only IPX2 terminal will offer us protection against splashes, while to a device with IP68 protection will feature protection against water and dust. Although this last degree of protection is not as widely spread as we’d like, the truth is that there are more devices that include this degree of protection.

And it is that it is much nicer having a smartphone that is capable of resisting this kind of elements without having to be concerned about its correct functioning.

The controversial history of Facebook and its app to navigate by Facebook without spending data

Probably never heard of it, but Facebook has an application called “Free Basics by Facebook”. Something like an app for basic services, whose reason being is to allow navigation by certain websites, unless that navigation carry a cost for the user. This is possible thanks to agreements between Facebook and the different operators with which it has agreed.

Among those pages by which is can navigate without cost is of course Facebook, and others as websites to search work, or of centers medical. Is is of a app that is available in more than 40 countries in Africa, East half, Asia and also of Latin America, as Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico or Peru.

It is a service intended for developing countries, but the news now is that, as we reported from Android Authority, this application could reach more countries, including the United States.

Facebook para Android se actualiza

What exactly Free Basics by Facebook?

As we had from TechCrunch at the time, Free Basics by Facebook was born from the creation in 2013 of web, which from 2015 called by Facebook. It was one project of Mark Zuckerberg, whose objective was the Internet to everyone, even to those people with few resources.

By then – and assume that you now think the same-, Zuckerberg claimed that connectivity is a human right and thus reflected it his own fist and letter.

With the application, the users can connect is to Internet without spending data of your rate. For example, in Colombia and Guatemala users having this app can surf for free websites like Wikipedia, Facebook, Unicef or ICFES – Colombian Institute for the promotion of higher education-, among other. The operator Tigo is commissioned to provide the connection to the users.

Since its creation, different countries and companies have been joining this project, the India being one of the first following the first Summit on 9 and 10 October 2014 in New Delhi, which is posted on Facebook. Panama, in 2015, is one of the last. However, it is not all as good as it seems.

Critical to Facebook and its

Facebook initiative has been criticized by various countries, organizations and leaders around the world. There are many who claim that goes against the principle of network neutrality, which requires that the operators and Governments responsible for Internet regulation in each country, should treat all traffic equally, without discrimination of any kind. He objective of this principle is the of avoid, for example, that an operator copper more-load more data-to a user that to another, by the reason that is, by sail by the same web.

And that is precisely what is critical of this project. Others claim that also violates the privacy of users, and that in a discriminatory manner the difference between first and second category Internet users. I.e. would be the “Internet for poor”. Or as they were called in Quartz in a harsh critique of Zuckerberg last year, “ joins the racist economy”.

Facebook Live Video Reacciones streaming

In 2015, from India they claimed that initiatives can be positive short term for users, but that in the long run they distorted the market. Such were the complaints, that in December of that same year, the body controller of telecommunications of India ordered to the operator corresponding that fails of provide the service of Free Basics. In fact, if we now go to the section of the website of where are the countries in which they are present, India no longer appears.

Also in 2015, organizations of Latin America showed their concern at the adoption of, in a press release that you can read the full page of Argentine Association for human rights, and whose key points are:

  1. does not solve the problems of access to the Internet for thousands of people in our region, because it does not replace or complement a public policy of access to the unconnected.
  2. The protection of personal data and metadata of the users of this service is scarce.
  3. constitutes a flagrant violation to the principle of net neutrality, favoring a small group of services above other.

For his part, Mark has denied at all times going against the principle of neutrality, as well collecting in Livemint, claiming that “it is always better to have some access and voice to not have it”.

What will happen to and Free Basics by Facebook?


Despite all the criticism, it seems and therefore Free Basics to go ahead. The latest news we have, apart from the sound of a theoretical arrival in United States, is that the Government of Brazil is studying the proposal, and could deploy it through drones, according to the Brazilian website Digital convergence.

Therefore, does not seem that the project is close to an end, but rather quite the opposite. If you want to learn more about by Facebook, you can visit their official website. And you, What do you think about this initiative?

Telephone S7 and R9: already can book one of these two incredible terminals

New to the Chinese market of smartphones is not increasingly points higher, and in recent times we have experienced with our own eyes and phone in hand as many of them are turning the screws to the leading manufacturers of smartphones worldwide, offering an incredible value for money than, any user like us fairly understood opt it without a doubt.

One of them that are overcome each terminal launched is telephone, a firm that has much potential and they show us with their two new bets, the telephone S7 and R9. If we start with the most interesting, the S7, we see as it boasts a surprising display curved on both sides completely without any type of bezel, something that gives it a total immersion both for lovers of the multimedia field.

Is completely covered in glass, which contains 15 layers to make it a very attractive, plus their four color visual effect beginning with blue, the Green, the usual Golden and a very elegant black. On the other hand, the telephone R9 not contains a front so attractive, but still so boasts of a panel with so only 0.6 mm of bezels, which next to a panel of quality will make the delights of any lover of it multimedia, without envy to any another.

In terms of the hardware certainly that not get left behind, because they will come with a processor configurations helium 20 ten-core X, 4 to 64 GB of RAM, and internal storage, Full HD, camera Panel of 13 and 5 megapixel camera, along with the fingerprint reader front so we like.

For the price, these terminals open the process of booking to a tempting price of $139,99 and that will be available until the next day 20 of October. In addition, buyers receive completely free virtual reality glasses and that receive of course at the same moment that gets them the terminal. Remember, if you’re interested, you can check out or directly book it in the page of telephone.

Google has just communicate: will soon be available 7.1 Android Developer Preview

Following the introduction of new devices under the name of Pixel, including the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, Mountain View have been too quick to call another news of great importance, and it is that it has made official, the imminent launch of a next version of Android Nougat, after introducing it last August. It is exactly Android Nougat 7.1, and although it is not the final version, yes it’s a version for developers, which means that the final version will be soon fell.

In the statement, collected from AndroidCentral, explains that this preview will be light at the end of this month of October, the day 18 to be exact, for all users who want to experience this new update on your terminal, specially in the Nexus and Pixel terminals, clear.


This version brings several new features of some importance, such as the inclusion of support for Daydream, what’s new in Google to enjoy the virtual reality. Includes an API, i.e., a repository for developers, which includes several shortcuts for the new launcher. In addition, since the keyboard we can perform certain actions through implemented codes. Also allowed developers in this version the possibility of cleaning the device storage memory.

What is not complete, and predictably, it is Google Assitant at Android 7.1, so you have to wait for Google to release it definitively in December to see this virtual assistant. According to the statement, 5 X, 6 p, the Pixel C tablet, will be available for the Google Nexus and of course the brand-new Pixel and Pixel XL.

Nexus 6p

They have also referred to other terminals as the LG V20 or Moto Z will also enjoy this update, and will not be affected by the change of direction of Google, which “knew for some time until it became public companies”.

The best alternatives to Samsung Galaxy Note 7

After announce is the retired official of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, comes the time of see them best alternative to this device. A few options which will not be exactly equal to the Korean terminal and that some sections may overcome it.

Prior to alternatives, we must comment that none of them brings a stylus as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did. Nor have incorporated an iris reader, but if all of this wasn’t necessary for you, attentive to the devices that we bring you here.

OnePlus 3, power in spades

We bring you one of the most powerful market terminals, landing drew attention around the world and it is not for less. A device that has a 5.5 inch display with AMOLED technology and Full HD resolution. Also in its inside we find a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 accompanied of a GPU Adreno 530, an inside of infarction that us will make enjoy of any application.

The thing does not end here, it comes with 6GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, they are not scalable in any way, but with this capability we’ll probably sobrados of space. Found two cameras, a front of 8 megapixel and another back of 16 Megapixel, perhaps this is the paragraph negative of the terminal, since comparing it with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 this camera comes to be more well than the lot.

oneplus 3

Another of those aspects important is the battery, the OnePlus 3 integrates an of 3,000 mAh with load fast facing them 3,500 mAh of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, also with load fast. The operating system is of Oxygen OS 6.0 Android-based Marshmallow. Both are compatible with NFC technology and contain a reader of fingerprints on the front of the device. It can acquire by 399 euros in it store official of OnePlus.

OnePlus 3 | Store official of OnePlus (399 EUR)

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus, an incredible terminal fresh out of the oven

The recent presentation of this terminal and its little brother, the Xiaomi Mi5S, let us surprised by the high quality of the devices. In this case we are going to talk of the Mi5S Plus, a terminal with some specifications incredible and a price set.

The device integrates a screen with technology IPS of 5.7 inches and a resolution Full HD, a screen that are accustomed to see in the last devices of the manufacturer Chinese. Inside we find the last of the Qualcomm processors, the Snapdragon 821 with a clock speed of up to 2, 35GHz and a 530 Adreno GPU.

xiaomi mi5s plus frontal

The device has two versions, a ‘basic’ with this same processor with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. In its version ‘ pro’ found some incredible 6 GB of memory RAM and 128 GB of memory internal not expandable.

In the part rear of the device found a camera dual and the sensor of fingerprint. The Chamber is composed of two sensors, one monochrome and another to color, gathering them two sensors can get a better quality of image. The position of the reader’s traces not is it more comfortable but nor are going to ask it all since the price is quite affordable. As operating system found MIUI 8 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

xiaomi 5s plus trasera

The device is can find in pages as AliExpress, find the model of 4 GB of RAM to a price of 354 euro approximately and the model of 6 GB of memory RAM to 410 euros. Very competitive prices for these features.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus 4 GB RAM | AliExpress (354 euros)

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus 6 GB RAM | AliExpress (410 EUR)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the Samsung for excellence

For all those followers of Samsung here I bring a alternative without out of the sphere of the brand South Korean, the ship logo of the company, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Find a screen of 5.5 inches with technology SuperAMOLED and a resolution Quad HD, with a density of 534 pixels per inch. In the interior of the device found a processor Samsung Exynos 8 Octa 8890 with a speed of up to 2.3 GHz accompanied of 4 GB of memory RAM and a GPU Mali-T880 MP12. Also will have to our disposal 32 GB of storage internal with possibility of extend the capacity through microSD.

samsung galaxy s7 edge alternativa

The device features with two cameras, a front of 5 megapixel with opening f / 1.7 and a camera back of 12 megapixel with opening f / 1.7 and dual-LED. Has with a battery of 3600 mAh and reader of traces in the part front of the device. As system operating found the version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

We can find it in pages like Amazon to a price of 600 euros approximately.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge €599.99 buy PVP €819 LG V20, a top range with 7.0 Android terminal Nougat

About a month ago, LG ended its presentation in which showed his new ship logo, the LG V20. A device that comes to compete with more powerful handsets on the market.

lg v20 android nougat

The device integrates a 5.7 inch Quad HD resolution and IPS Quantum technology with a density of 513 pixels per inch. Inside we find a beast, a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 along with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage expandable via microSD.

It has three cameras, a 5 megapixel front an rear camera with Aperture f/1.9. Dual camera consists of a 16-Megapixeland the other 8. They come with a viewing angle of 135 °, angle of view greater than the human eye, so we can enjoy some stunning pictures. It brings a few generous 3200 mAhbattery. In addition to all the above, it incorporates fingerprint reader on the back of the terminal, USB type C, fast loading and technology NFC.