We teach you how to retrieve and format a damaged microSD card

Even while in 2016, microSD cards are still an important factor for many users when purchasing a smartphone, since not everyone has a minimum 32 GB of storage terminal, and anything less than that figure can be problematic. In addition, the possibility of storing content in the cloud is almost remote, since you need Wi-Fi permanent connection, or you have a good data rate.

It is not that all are advantages with the microSD, since most of the people falls into the error save a few euros and buy a card of imitation and that does not even certified, which is detrimental to the performance of the terminal, as already explained at the time Hugo Barra Xiaomi policy. The fact is that, if you want to own a microSD, which have certified and is a recognized brand as that of Kingston, Samsung, SanDisk, Toshiba…

Advantages and disadvantages aside, the time that any microSD card we’ve had inserted in the mobile during a certain time we has not appeared a message that putting “the microSD card is damaged,” is rare and from there we do not know what to do, just thinking about that there to buy a new. And that does not have to be like that, since we have for you a solution to lengthen the life of your memory card, and teach you how to do it.

To repair your microSD, here are the steps to follow

Explain it to you in the best possible way, but if there is any doubt, you have at your disposal this process explained in video, as you can see. There are many ways to repair a damaged microSD, but with this method, we believe that it is faster and easier by the fact that the process unfolds on the computer.

  1. Turn off the terminal and entered to the mode recovery, where will see that in the part lower a message in which is us communicate a failed to the trying to read the card, is there where will know that something failure.

  2. We extract the microSD and introduce it into the computer via an adapter. Then, download a program called SD Card Formatter 4.0, which I will leave the link, and once downloaded, install it in a process that will not take you long.

  3. Once done that, Open the program and already the microSD card will be registered, but if some case is not listed, just give a “Refresh” to be resolved. We will go to the button “Options” where we will set up a couple of things. In the option “Format Type” select “Full (Overwrite)”, and in “Format Size Adjustement” choose “ON”. We give “OK” and then “Format”.

  4. We hope to complete the process, which will be longer than the previous one, and once finished we took the card from the computer and re-enter on the mobile. After that, we return to enter mode recovery, and the message which gave error will no longer appear, in addition to that there is a new section called “apply update from sdcard”.

  5. If for some reason this does not happens, you turn to insert the SD card in the computer, and repeat step 3, but instead select “Full (Erase)” and already Yes should work.

SDcard.org | SD Card Formatter 4.0 (Free)

Put in the comments if it worked you!

UMi Plus, terminal with 4 GB of RAM and a version ‘extreme’ to the 6 GB

Many users already know the brand due to their terminals with good value for money, good example to the Super UMi, which saw analyzed by us in full way.

The brand is usual to launch devices at a great price and with bestial features, always accompanied by a beautiful clean design and character. So today I bring you the new terminal of the brand, a device that this destined to be one of them ships logo of the company, the UMi Plus.

Design and display

We have a smartphone that is composed of a 5.5 inch display with Full HD resolution. The design as you can see is minimalist and very nice, insurance that more than one reminds you the iPhone 6 from Apple.

The body is unibody and we see how it is composed of an alloy of aluminium (Magnalium Series 6000), the corners are curves so it seems very comfortable.

umi plus diseño minimalista


In its interior we can find a processor MediaTek helium P10 of eight cores with 4 GB of RAM in their standard version or MediaTek helium P20 and 6 GB of RAM in its ‘extreme’, both will have 32 GB of internal memory expandable via microSD up to 256 GB, an interior that is scary and promises us a great performance to run both apps of any games.

umi plus anuncio facebook

Cameras, autonomy and other specifications

It will come with two cameras, the rear 13 megapixel camera with Aperture f/2.0 and auto focus and a 5 megapixel front, cameras to which we are accustomed in terminals of this price.

It incorporates a 4,000 mAh battery a large enough battery to a terminal of such features. The USB connector that will bring will be c-type.

Although virtually all terminals tend to incorporate it already, we can comment on the ‘extras’ that will bring built-in this smartphone, fingerprint reader on the front of the phone, support Dual-SIM and Android 6.0 Marhsmallow.

Price and availability

This terminal is already available with a price of $ 249,99, about 222,674 euros to change. You can also get it by 70 dollars less, i.e. 179,99 dollars, approximately 160 euros in stores like igogo.

For this offer, there are limited units and ends on October 18.

On the other hand the price of the ‘extreme’ UMi plus version will cost $ 299,99, approximately 267 euros to change. A somewhat higher price taking into account the benefits offered by us, the availability of this version is not yet confirmed.

umi plus edicion extrema

If you want to receive a $ 70 discount you can get it, you simply have to subscribe to the newsletter of UMi and can receive the discount, those who are waiting for this terminal in particular or those who have seen it for the first time is a very good chance to become a great Terminal to really set price.

You can participate in the draw of UMi

Another option is to play with lucky, so if you are a person with much fortune can participate in the sweepstakes that makes the manufacturer and try to take the UMi Plus free of charge.

How to block someone in Google Allo

Yesterday finally could witness the arrival of Google Allo, the new application of Messaging Instant with which them of the great G, intend to enter of full in the panorama of the messaging, and compete with them current Kings within this field, as WhatsApp, application that already have compared with Google Allo, and Facebook Messenger, between others.

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If there is something so Google Allo is characterized, it is for being one of the most complete instant messaging applications, with a large number of characteristics, which in some cases may even confuse the users.

For this reason, as I already did yesterday helping you know what mean the checks that appear in Google Allo, or know who has read your messages in a group, today we want to help you block unwanted users appearing between your contacts from Google Allo.

So you can block a user from Google Allo


To proceed with the blocking of the user, there will be two ways to do it. The first of them, directly from the contact list, where we will have to hold on the name of the user, until a menu appears on screen, the last option will be to block.

On the other hand, if we access the conversation window with the person that you want to block, and click on your profile image, appears a new menu, where we will have to select the option chat details, until then a similar window you can see that in the picture above, and where, obviously, there will be press at the big red button of block.

That Yes, in the event that you want to block a user, whatever the reason, you must know that once locked, can open a conversation window with that person not add to that person in a new group. On the other hand, if you are in a group of users, where that person is also involved, you’re going to be able to continue reading your messages, like her you can read yours. Ah yes, and also can block Google Assistant.

Did you useful this explanation?, what more you would like to know about Google Allo? Don’t forget to tell us about it in the comments.

What mean those checks in Google Allo

Already is with us Google Allo, the application of messaging of Google that both were waiting for from makes year, and not is for less, since Google never we had shown an application with both potential.

It true is that it has enough difficult against their rival direct, Telegram and WhatsApp, however already you have counted the advantages that has regard to WhatsApp. Now plays speak of how work them checks in Allo, since have ones colors something different to the usual, so stay you with us and convert you in a master of this application.

What do mean the checks in Google Allo

How you said, Allo is on everyone’s lips. Had many ganas of see what was capable of offering us Google with an application own of messaging. This integrates the Google Assistant, capable of show us suggestions of all type and interact in the talks of a way very interesting.

As any messaging application, Allo has its own checks to indicate to users the States of conversation, so that will tell you how:

  • 1 check for color gray: your message is sent to the recipient
  • 1 check for color cyan: your message has been received by the recipient
  • 2 checks of color cyan: your message has been read by the recipient


As you can see, is very simple check the State of your messages learning yourself these three simple colors. The operation is very similar to the Telegram or WhatsApp, although with the distinctive features of the application.


Hope that you have served this small clarification on what mean them checks in Google Allo, so thus can use the application of form more comfortable. Comment us if are using Allo and what are your first impressions, them our of time are quite good to lack of spend a few hours more with the application.

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Leaked images of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 with 8GB of RAM

How already know, Xiaomi is being done to pray with the presentation of Xiaomi my Note 2, which promises to be the best smartphone to date and, in fact, unique range missing renew, something strange coming from the Chinese company, which has renovated twice its Note Redmi since the release of my Note.

Despite this, we know everything – or almost all – about the terminal due to leakage, images of benchmarks and other material that circulates through the network, however, a new leak found us a fact we were unaware until now, since as shown in the pictures, the terminal will have 8 GB of memory RAM.


The Xiaomi my Note 2 could be the phone with more RAM in the market

This year we have seen how the standard that had been set in stop them range in 3 GB of RAM has risen to 4 GB and everything indicates that this figure will rise to no less than 6 GB, figure that, despite the questionable use in a smartphone, in case of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will rise up to 8 GB , a real brutality.

As can see, the nomenclature of this terminal is My Note 2 Pro, by what assume that will be a terminal released retrospective of the My Note 2, as already spent with his predecessor. It will have Android 7.0 Nougat series, which is always a plus, while the bulk of the OS tape it the layer of personalization of the Asian company.

xiaomi mi note 2 pro

Another section with enough relevance is the internal storage, since as you can see, the terminal would come with an internal memory of 256 GB, an excessive figure when compared with medium-range terminals who today are around 32GB.

With respect to its power, is expected to incorporate the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, a processor that promises enough better results than the Snapdragon 820 has given such good results in Terminal as the LG G5 or the Xiaomi Mi5.

Without a doubt, Xiaomi can give the pitch with this terminal, except for some intangible, it is quite superior to many top terminals that cost double what could cost, but to do so must marketing first Mi Note 2 which is both delaying.

You give a spectacular Huawei P9!

We’re back with a new draw. This time, since our technology, techno Urban channel, we’re giving away a spectacular P9 Huawei internationally, last stop range of the signature that we have of course already analyzed in depth, and undoubtedly one of the best smartphones that exist with Google operating system.

It’s a phone valued at more than 500 euros. A device that highlights mainly by its camera double, with which already have seen them photos so impressive that is can remove, and also can tell that is one of the best designed, and one of which have best performance.

Then, we tell you how you can be the winner of this Huawei P9, but before, we remind you this table all your specifications, so you can see the top of the range that we are talking about:

Huawei P9 IPS-NEO LCD screen from 5.2-inch Corning Gorilla Glass 4 tech 2.5 d Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (423 ppi) Chipset HiSilicon Kirin 955 CPU 4 ARM Cortex-A72 to 2.5 GHz cores + 4-core ARM Cortex-A53 to 1.8 GHz GPU ARM Mali-T880 MP4 3/4 GB RAM system operating Android 6.0 Marshmallow with EMUI 4.1 32/64 GB storage expandable via microSD up to 128 GB rear camera with dual sensor Sony cameras of 12 megapixel sensor and Leica lenses, f/2.2, dual flash LED dual-tone, auto laser focus, autofocus by detection of 8-megapixel faseDelantera, f/2.0, wide-angle battery 3,000 mAh with Wi-Fi connectivity for fast charging ac dual band, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS, USB type C 1.0, 3.5 mm, 3 may departure date fingerprint sensor jack price of output from 599 euros P9 Huawei to win

To win the Huawei P9, you must perform the actions you’ll see on the next widget – if you’re reading from the mobile version, click on the button. How many more actions you perform, more points you get, and therefore more likely will have to take the prize.

We remind you that the drawing is international, i.e. you can participate all over the world. Already is active, and it will be until the next Sunday day 25 of September to the 23.59 hours (hour peninsular Spanish).

Techno Urban lots a Huawei P9!

Best wishes!

These renderings leaked us confirm more features of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL

On October 4 will know, finally, two of the most anticipated devices of this year 2016: the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, which will come from the hand of HTC and the big G in order to set aside once all the Nexus was.

As tends to happen weeks, and even months before the presentation of devices so important as it are these Google Pixel, them rumors and them leaks not us dan truce, and until the day of today already have known a countless of details on them two devices star of Google that will be presented the month that comes.

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Today again, a new leak confirms features that we already knew, as well as some others that still existed questions, such as the exact size of their screens. And is that thanks to Phone Arena, we could observe new renders that us show with all detail the part front of both devices.

The panel front of them new Pixel and Pixel XL, to the discovered


In first place, thanks to these images can confirm the huge similarity that will exist between these devices, as both panels have with a design almost modeled, where it only that differs between them is the size, as well as the location chosen for some of them sensors of the terminal.

On the other hand, thanks to filtering, have been able to know exact of these Pixel and Pixel XL screen size, as of 4.99 inches in the case of the first device, and 5.46 for the largest family, Pixel XL terminal. In addition, both have a fingerprint reader capable of supporting different gestures on his back just below the photo sensor.

Moreover, following the previous news known until today, we know that these new terminals developed in conjunction by Google and HTC will be among the first to go to market with the Snapdragon 821 signed by Qualcomm in its interior, something that certainly will be output at the cost of the devices, because so-called Pixel XL model price would amount to $649.

And you, what do you expect from the new Pixel and Pixel XL of Google? Don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comments.

Pokémon GO, the new business of car insurers

The success of Pokémon GO is something that we do not need to remember, since you just need to see the madness that has generated the title of Niantic since it saw the light during this past summer. Millions of users around the world have already installed the game on their devices and to day and today are still trying to meet each and every one of the Pokémon available.

The madness has been such that, in many countries, the authorities have had that take measures before them recklessly that many of them users have committed with the purpose of make is with some of them creatures. And is that have been many them trainers Pokemon that have arrived to invade properties private or have entered to places “little appropriate” to catch any Pokemon.

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One of the dangers more evident when looking for Pokemon creatures, both for us and for others, is make use of the application while at the wheel of our vehicles. In this sense we must mention that you have failed to meet several cases in which users have suffered accidents be making use of Pokémon Go while they were driving.


Insurers are looking for a new business in Pokémon GO

Of course, from Andro4all recommend to leave our well kept smartphone while we are driving, whatever the task we have intention to make always must put our security and that of others. But it seems that where we see a big problem, insurers have seen a new business opportunity.

So much so that the insurer AIG in Israel has begun to market an accident insurance for the players of Pokémon Go, after starting to see the string of accidents this game has unleashed, as they have been able to point out some media. Apparently, this policy guarantees compensation in case of injury or death because of the famous game. Incredible but true.

More on Andro4all: Buy now the Pokemon GO Plus on Amazon

On the other hand, we have also been able to know that Jiro and Mexico partners insurance company has also launched an insurance covering in the case of having an accident while playing a Pokémon GO to drivers. Indeed, is a little inconsistent provision of certain insurers to cover accidents to do an activity which is strictly prohibited by law and that common sense should lead us to do behind the wheel.


We do not know if this business model will finish expanding all over the world, or if the laws do the right thing and end up prohibiting this type of clauses. And is the fact that certain companies ensure drivers that made this type of practical could be very dangerous to pedestrians and passengers ranging in vehicles.

Do you think it is right to reassure drivers having an accident by go playing with Pokémon GO?

Be the life of the party with the new Philips wireless speakers!

If the other day presented headphones new presented by Philips at the IFA in Berlin held earlier this month, this time we have to talk of more devices sound-related, presented by Philips own brand along with the Gibson Innovation company.

Once again, talk about a wide variety of different devices, in this case, speakers, which will be differentiated, in addition to by its simplicity and simplicity of use, has wireless connectivity, something essential today to connect our mobile devices and enjoy the best music at full volume beyond where we are. Let’s see them!

Philips Pixel Pop

First of all, we have a wireless speaker aimed at a youth audience, and activities where needed greater resistance, because it will have a level of protection IPX7 splash, as well as a body with a rubbery finish that promises durability.


On the other hand, Pop Philips Pixel has an interesting range of colors, which include Red, blue, black and a grey camouflage details. While inside will be able to enjoy Bluetooth connectivity, a battery with up to 8 hours and a built-in microphone, all of this, moreover, will be priced at 39 euros once start marketing.

Philips Shoqbox


Speaker Philips Shoqbox is probably the device less unnoticed this compilation happens. And is that this speaker, in addition to its aggressive design, counts with several LED lights inside to illuminate the rhythm of the music.

But of course, appearance is not the only thing that stands out from this speaker, and features two subwoofers, located on each side of the body of the device, which will offer impressive sound quality, without suffering any distortion or noise.


If the above out, Philips Shoqbox has resistance to blows and the water, and is able to withstand up to 30 minutes under water 1 meter of depth, thanks to its resistance IPX7. The price of this device will be 49 euros, slightly higher than the Pop Pixel which we mentioned above.

Philips NTX400


Leaving aside the small sized speakers to spend at most top presented by Philips at the IFA with respect to speakers. The NTX400 is a speaker stand with impressive sound quality thanks to the the powerful bass that has this device.

In addition, the Philips NTX400 has an enormous amount of controls and enhanced connectivity, since apart from the Bluetooth connection, you will find a USB port from which to connect any type of device or NFC.

Obviously, the Philips NTX400 are big words, and its price, although it is not too high for the quality offered, is considerably higher than that of the other speakers in this article. Therefore, their cost will be EUR 500.

Philips izzy BM5


Entering of full now in the new family of speakers Philips izzy, we find with the BM5, a speaker wireless with Connectivity Bluetooth very compact and with a design minimalist, that will be with two drivers of 2.5 inch responsible of provide a sound of high range.

In addition, we have the cheapest in this new family izzy device, and its price will be of 129 euros.

Philips izzy BM6


To increase its quality, and of course, its price, we have the BM6 izzy from Philips. In this case, the speaker has with a technology enhanced of Connectivity Bluetooth, that will allow connect two devices at the same time.

Besides this, this speaker has with a battery rechargeable in its inside, as well as protection IPX7 against splashing, what it becomes in a very good option to enjoy of the music in any part.

As we indicated, in this case the cost of the device is slightly increased, going from the 129 euros of his younger brother, to 179 euros which costs this izzy BM6 of Philips.

Philips izzy BM7


But for those who need a speaker capable of covering large areas, Philips has presented the izzy BM7, a device capable of offering an even more powerful sound thanks to its two subwoofers, which allow a really high volume without leaving the good sound quality.

Connectivity, also looks improved regarding former members izzy range, because in this case NFC connection, apart from the Bluetooth that all speakers have been implemented. Your price will be 229euros.

Philips izzy BM50


We now talk more high-end speaker of izzy family presented by Philips. Firstly, the izzy BM50, will provide a sound system multiroom, able to reproduce content in different formats, either via CD, USB or FM radio, and including of course Bluetooth connectivity to connect our smartphone or tablet.

In this case, the price of the device increases 279 euros and will have the choice of a system for wall mounting.

Philips izzy BM60


In this case, we find not a single speaker, but that it’s a full sound system, consisting of a main device from which control all settings related to playback, connectivity with our smartphone or the possibility of accommodating different formats such as CDs or USB devices, and two stereo speakers included, at the same time they will be able to connect with other 5 speakers of this izzy family, to deliver an impressive musical experience in every corner of our home.

The basic pack, in which you will find the main device with two stereo speakers will be priced at 299 euros.

Philips izzy BM90


For the end we have made more expensive, and higher quality device of this Philips izzy family. The BM90 is a speaker stand capable of providing a power of 200 W thanks to your speakers with technology 3.1 and its built-in subwoofer .

Similar to previous devices, we are capable to reproduce content from CDs, radio FM and USB devices, but of course Philips has not forgotten provide this Connectivity Bluetoothspeaker.

As we said, had the most expensive speaker Philips presented at the IFA in Berlin, and its price rises to 599 euros.

Without any doubt, Philips wanted to bet very strong by the sound in this IFA 2016 held in Berlin, providing users a huge range of devices of all types. Now, as always, we would like to know your opinion, with what of those speakers wireless of Philips you stay you?

A new rendering shows the possible design of Google Pixel XL

It is something less than a month to get to know the new devices manufactured by Google and HTC, two terminals that will leave aside at once by all the name Nexus, to give way to the new era Pixel.

Up to now, we have been able to meet a host of news and details of these two devices that will be presented on October 4, and today, again, we observe a render created by a Reddit user based on a leak, that shows us that would most likely be Google Pixel XL, design front bumper range of this new family of terminals developed by the big G.

It will be the new Google Pixel XL

As you can see in the image, this rendering is based on a filtered picture a few days ago, where, very low quality, see Pixel XL being usedcould be. Furthermore, the image appears what could be the new Android 7.1 navigation bar Nougat which we will be able to see for the first time on these devices.


On the other hand, and unfortunately, not can be drawn many more details of this filtered image, although it could confirm 5.5 inches with that will have the screen of the device along with a minimum side bezels, which would help considerably to reduce the size of the terminal. In addition, we do not see any trace of a reader of fingerprints on the front, so the location of the sensor on the back again to confirm.

Moreover, following the previous rumors and leaks, we know that the device would last batch processor manufactured by Qualcomm, Snapdragon 821, along with 4 GB of RAM and 32 or 128 GB of storage, no doubt specifications of top range to compete with the best of the best from across the landscape of smartphones , something that will be translated in a price of about 649 euros.

How about the possible design of Google Pixel XL? Don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comments.