Get the best phones of Xiaomi to the best price with these coupons of discount

When our minds come the words “phone” and “China”, a trademark sounds in our heads that is much stronger than the others. Xiaomi, the leading firm of Chinese phones, is without any doubt one of the favorite by most Android users. Beautiful phones, a pointer hardware, inexpensive and MIUI, a layer of customization that despite not having nothing to do with pure Android, falls to those who prove it.

And well, with Christmas just around the safe corner to more than one it is saving to do with any of these devices, either to give it if same or to surprise a family member or loved. Said this, you bring five of them best phones that can buy of it marks Xiaomi not only to them prices more competitive of the market, but also with all the guarantees that only a giant of the purchase sale online as GearBest us can offers.

Get the best Xiaomi devices at a price of the demolition

No matter that type of phone Xiaomi want to release these Christmas, whether range of entry, mid-range or even the best bumper range, secure that any of these five phones that we can purchase meets our needs.

If want to buy the best phones of Xiaomi of its catalog, have the Xiaomi my 5s Plus and the Xiaomi Mi5 to 439,99 dollars and 262,99 dollars-398 and 238 euros-respectively. In addition, if we introduce the following coupon CHMI5S and Mi5XIAOMI we get a considerable discount to make the purchase.

On the other hand, also have the Xiaomi Redmi 4, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and the Xiaomi Redmi Pro by 159,99 dollars, 151,99 dollars and 241,99 dollars-144, 137 and 219 euros-. Also, with the respective coupons Redmi4G, MHQKP and JMHBN will return to have a discount to the perform the purchase of these phones respectively.

With these offers already not there is an excuse for brand new new mobile during these Christmas, and if that mobile is a Xiaomi much better.

GearBest | My 5s Plus Xiaomi ($439,99 or €398)
GearBest | Xiaomi Mi5 ($262,99 or € 238)
GearBest | Xiaomi Redmi 4 (159,99 dollars or 144 euros)
GearBest | Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 ($151,99 or €137)
GearBest | [Xiaomi Redmi Pro ($241,99 or € 219)

The 10 first games that Sony will launch for mobile

Already you it have been progressing makes some weeks, and finally it has made reality. Sony intends to launch several games for them different platforms mobile, and today, finally, the firm has confirmed them titles that very soon are going to to enjoy in our devices.

In total 10 games that the Japanese firm announced in today’s, and at least 6 of them will be presented officially during the next year 2017 in Japan, for more late to begin its expansion to the rest of the Asian continent – and, we hope that the rest of the world.

The 6 first games from Sony for mobile will arrive in 2017

ForwardWorks, la forma de Sony para traer sus juegos a Android

He has been responsible for the development of these games, ForwardWolks study, who has published the official with 10 titles list which will come in the next few years, and of course, then you leave:

  • ARC The Lad Wild Arms.
  • Mingol.
  • Hot Shots Golf.
  • No Heroes Allowed! DASH!.
  • Doko Demo Issho.
  • PaRappa the Rapper.
  • Boku no Natsuyasumi.
  • Disgaea.
  • Yomawari.
  • Sora to Umi no Aida.

Unfortunately, for the moment no specific dates have been reported on the arrival of these games for mobile, although yes some details about them, like for example the cooperation of Sony and ForwardWorks with a company as popular as it is Square Enix for the development of another game that will come in the next few years.

No doubt is a movement curious that Sony is punto of carry to out starting from the next year 2017. Even so, has sense that each time more signatures specialized want to present their betting in the land of them games for mobile, and from here applaud the stance of them companies that intend to exploit this sector and offer to them users a best experience focused to the entertainment with devices mobile.

What are you waiting you Sony for mobile games that will arrive in 2017? Tell us what in the comments.

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Microsoft launches an app for copying text from any part of the screen in Android

Microsoft continues to develop applications for the system operating free. This time I bring you the last application developed by them, Clip Layer, that us will allow copy text from any part of the screen of our Android.

Already just makes ones days you brought an application with which to copy text from any part of the screen, but it true is that this application developed by it company developer of Windows is much better, and is that solves them problems that brought of series it another app called Universal Copy.

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Universal Copy was very well, but to to copy text had that lower the bar of notifications and press on the notifications of Universal Copy that find. In this case, with Clip Layer only have that press of way long the button home so is active the function that us allows copy text from any part of the screen.

What makes this application from Microsoft is to replace the Android Assistant to be able to recognize when we do the homebutton long press. If not do this step, us forget of using the application, because the method with which the application detects that want to copy the text of the screen. Once activated, you can select any item in the screen and copy the text. Even we can also multiseleccionar several elements on the screen at the same time.

It certain is that if Universal Copy was good, Clip Layer is even better, because uses by default the Assistant of our Android. This has a good side and another bad: the good is that we can get rid of the annoying notification that requires us to Clip layer, and the bad is that If we install this application would cease to function other attendees of voice as Google Now or S Voice.

Play Store | Clip Layer (free)

Contacts of confidence is the new app from Google that you can save the life

Google is a company that, while it is true that it is very criticized for the security of the data, is able to remove sleeve an application that you can reach life-saving. That is what proposes the company of the big G with its new application, contacts of trust. Launched this Monday, trusted contacts seeks that, should it pass us something, we can share our location with those contacts that we want immediate so send us help.

So is as the application runs. As they explain in Google, once installed the application on your smartphone Android can assign “trusted” status to any contact. Such contact or contacts will be able to see your activity, even if you’ve moved and where, in addition to your state to see if you’re right or not. This that can sound a little driver, and safe that to all is you has come to it head the image of a father controlling by where is leaving his son, can arrive to remove you of a trouble in a situation extreme.

If at any time you feel insecure, you can share your location with your trusted contacts. But the best comes now. If any of your contacts of confidence is really concerned for you-imagine the typical child that should be already in house and not has arrived-, any contact of confidence can request your location.


If we are well, we just have to refuse the request, but if we are not able to respond in a given time frame, the application will assume that something goes wrong and, automatically, it will share the location with all our favorite contacts so they can help us where necessary.

If, by what is, we are in a site where the coverage is bad or, directly, not have battery, the application will send to your contacts your last location known, by what can be quiet. If you thought to give your child to your first phone this Christmas, it is perhaps interesting that you install this application, because when the things as they are, a layer of additional protection is never over. The application can be downloaded free from Google Play.

What you think it new application of Google? You seem interesting?

Google Play l contacts of trust (free)

It comes to Android CatTorrent, a very interesting Torrent client

CatTorrent is as is called which is proclaimed the more simple client of torrent for Android. Customers of torrents for computer, both for Windows, as for Mac, as for Linux there are many, but it certain is that in Android few -as does them there, but only two or three-. Torrents no longer is use both as before, partly due to the arrival of mobile phones, and it is for this reason that they have almost become background.

Although, as all, there are many people that still is resists to use them. For who not is familiar with the concept, a torrent is a file that contains information from another file that we want to download. I.e., a torrent of a film is a file of about 50 Kb, but if it use, can download a film of e.g. 3 GB. But to be able to open it and download it we need a torrentclient.

This client in particular enables a series of functions allowing none other. For example, we can activate a function that requires the application to close automatically when the file has downloaded completely. Then we have other options that can find in any customer of torrents been and by have: mode only Wi-Fi, delimit speed, download directly to the card micro-SD, and a long etc.

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The client is of the simplest thing, but at the same time is not lost nor a single functionality we can find in other clients. Is very simple of use: download the torrent, it opened and the file it will begin to download. Not have that set up nothing, although if that can if so it want to. In addition to being a pretty simple application, it’s also very light. And is that just weighs 3.31 MB.

Play Store | CatTorrent (free)

Barcelona – Madrid online: cómo verlo

See the Barcelona-Madrid online and live, today at the 16:15 hours. The classic LaLiga Santander, corresponding to the day 14.

Today, to the 16:15, is playing the Barça-Madrid in the Camp Nou. A new classic of the football Spanish that how not, becomes charged of emotion by all the sides. Cules and meringues are days waiting for that moment, and finally, already has arrived.

In this article we will explain How to see Barcelona vs Real Madrid online, but before, put in situation and see how both teams face this great game is worth.

Barcelona vs Madrid, classic

One more season, the Barcelona – Madrid today is exciting. A full party of stars including the two always: Messi and Cristiano. While probably not at its maximum level, both players arrive in a good state of form, and especially the Portuguese, coming with the moral enough above, after having scored a number of goals in the final matches.

Barcelona - Madrid online

The team catalan arrives in clear disadvantage in the classification, to 6 points of its maximum rival, that leads the table. Thus win today, they would cut a very important distance, but lose, would be les LaLiga really complicated, standing 9 points of the Madrid.

A Real Madrid that this time becomes more quiet of what came to the last classic of the last month of April, that won in the Camp Nou by 1-2.

Them merengues would give a blow not definitive, but itself would open a gap huge in LaLiga, that logically is what intend to do today in Barcelona.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid, alignments

In principle, the FC Barcelona may jump to the field with his eleven of gala, after the recovery of the captain Iniesta, by luck to Luis Enrique. That Yes, there will be that be attentive to their performance after several weeks of break. Also arrives in time the central Umtiti, although you can to not jump start field, and Pique, that although it has been touched in recent days after his last game played against the Royal Society, seems to be 100% to deal with Madrid.

Barcelona -Madrid Iniesta

That not may be, speaking already of the Real Madrid, will be Gareth Bale, that this week passed by operating room to operate is of your ankle right. A sensitive low which will decide Zidane meet. You have several options, like putting Lucas Vázquez instead of Welsh, or opt for a 4-4-2 with Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema as unique front.

He set white also has them sensitive low of the German Toni Kroos, that not is has recovered in time of their discomfort, and of Álvaro Morata. They neither Coentrao or Danilo, but yes you can count on Casemiro, who returns after injury.

According to, are possible initial for the Barça – Madrid alignmentsare:

Barcelona: Ter Stegen, Sergi Roberto, Pique, Mascherano, Jordi Alba; Rakitic, Busquets, Iniesta; Messi, Suarez and Neymar.

Real Madrid: Keylor Navas; Carvajal, Varane, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo; Lucas Vázquez, Modric, Kovacic, Isco; Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Barcelona – Madrid online

For see the Barcelona – Madrid online there are different options, but all go through BeIN Sports, having the rights of this party. You can hire BeIN Sports LaLiga through your own website, through tediTV, or through your Internet service provider, whether it’s Movistar, Orange and Vodafone.

Of course, you will see the party from any of your device Mobile Android or iOS, thanks to their applications.

Barcelona – Madrid in Bein LaLiga

Web | Bein Google Play | Bein CONNECT

Barcelona – Madrid in tedi TV

Web | TEDI TV Google Play | TEDI TV Football

Barcelona – Madrid in Movistar, Vodafone and Orange

Web | MoviStar Google Play | MoviStar +

Web | Orange Google Play | Orange TV

Web | Vodafone Google Play | Vodafone TV

Barcelona – Madrid, more information:

Remember, the Barcelona – Madrid starts at the 16: 15 Pacific time. Then you have the hours in other locations:

  • Spain (peninsula): 16:15 hours
  • Spain (Canary Islands): 15:15 hours
  • Argentina: 13.15 hours
  • Mexico: 10:15 hours
  • Colombia: 11:15 hours
  • Peru: 11:15 hours
  • Chile: 13:15 hours

If you want to know more about the relevance of the two teams, you can visit the official websites of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Who think that will win the Barcelona-Madrid from today?

New images of the Moto X course of 2017

Motorola, that today same has confirmed that not will continue manufacturing its family of watches smart, not has could avoid that return to leave filtered new photographs of the possible Moto X that would come to the market the next year.

It is not the first time that we spoke of this terminal, as little less than a month ago leaked other images under similar conditions. What itself seems clear, is that since that filtration and this, the terminal has had a progress in their manufacturing and already can see what would be the aspect final of the same.

Without exit is in excess of them lines stylistic to which us has accustomed the signature, that noticed a true redesign, both in the reader of traces-that now is a button more rounded- as in them ends of the device, that seems to end in a finished Gummy that covers them antennas. For the rest of the body appears that have with aluminum quite resistant that covers all the part back.

Nuevas imágenes del supuesto Moto X de 2017

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The two developments we see in this render and that pudismos not enjoy in the former were physical presence as a camera with a huge sensor and also in terms of the color palette, we see that Motorola has encouraged to launch a terminal in golden brown or champagne, fashion are lately. This new color is, how much less “showy”, being benevolent.

Unfortunately, more details or technical specifications for this smartphoneare not known. Nor know nothing about its date of presentation, but all this us takes to think that still are ones months so can see it of first hand or is produce your presentation official. We will be attentive to any movement.

What you think the design of this Motorola Moto X? You like the color gold?

Source | PhoneArena

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So are the new processors MediaTek helium 23 X and X 27

It seems that MediaTek guys have been pretty busy during the past months, fortunately for the users, since chips the company play a very important role in the diet of most of the mobile devices market Android. The company now has two new offerings range deca – core that they seem to be very interesting: helium helium and 23 X 27 X.

While this announcement may not be as exciting as the recent helium X 30 of 10nm, the new processors would fit perfectly in the line of the family X 20 and X 25 existing. Surely, new processors will find its place in enough affordable devices in the next year 2017.

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So are the new MediaTek processors

On the one hand we find helium 23 X, which would be with 2-core Cortex-A72 2.3 GHz 4-core Cortex-A53 to 1.85 GHz and other 4-core COrtex-A53 1.4 Ghz. Then we have the helium 27 X, a processor that would count with 2-core Cortex-A72 2.6 GHz 4-core Cortex-A53 to 2.0 GHz and other 4-core Cortex-A53 1.6 GHz.


Both models would have a GPU ARM Mali-T880, with a clock to 780 MHz 23 X and one at 875 MHz for 27 X. MediaTek said that the new pair of processors offer around a 20% improvement over the general processing.

More on Andro4all: MediaTek launches UltraCast so that you can send content to your TV in 4 K

Both models are able to withstand resolutions WQXGA 2560 x 1600 pixels at 60 fps and 1920 x 1080 pixels at 120 fps with layers of mixture of 12 Hz. In addition, MeadiaTek has also presented the MiraVision EnergySmart Screen power saving technology and Envelope Tracking Module, which provide about 25% and 15% of energy efficiency improves respectively, as they point out from GSM Arena

In addition, it should also be noted that both models offer support for 2 X LPDDR3 POP 800 MHz memory or up to 4 GB of RAM. There is also a module of the Cat.6 LTE modem, which can provide up to 500 Mbps for downloads and 50 Mbps for uploads.

PlayStation Communities is the new app for Sony to learn about the topics that interest you

The Vice President of marketing for Sony, Jonh Keller, announced in an official company blog the launching an application focused gaming to keep abreast of our interests on the world and meet other players, as we reported the companions of Android Authority.

The application in question, called PlayStation Communities, would fulfill the same function as Facebook Rooms, also presented recently. Through a set of communities, we can be aware of issues – or games, in this case – that most interest us.

In Xombit Games: How to record videos on PlayStation 4

This system paramount are not people, if not the information that one may receive or provide. However, since Sony don’t want to close the door to the field of social and have decided that we can also send requests to play online, as well as photos, links, or text messages. Luckily, you can activate a notification to each post generated in these communities to not miss anything.

juegos playstation en android

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In fact, collaboration is something so Sony bet quite. Are stuck in a game and do not know what is the next step? There is no problem, the community will help you to overcome this tough opponent or say with what trick it will be easier to pass the level. And he is expected to do the same if not, provide our help in a disinterested way when someone requires it.

The application is now available for download from Google Play, and evidentenmente, will be free. As more than one safe that already imagine, it is necessary to loguearnos with our PlayStation account to enjoy all your options.

Google Google Play | PlayStation Communities (Free)

How about the new application of Sony? And your system?

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