Offers in Xiaomi: get a my Max and a Xiaomi Mi4 by a price breakthrough

Whenever we speak of Xiaomi in Andro4all us have been a joy. It’s a firm that knows how to make affordable with exceptional quality terminals. Both in the range low, as in the Middle, as in the high find options more than interesting.

Indeed, until the range high of years previous still giving it carving, obtaining even better support that them ranges Middle current. Today we bring you two Xiaomi devices with a great price thanks to these offers. From this link you can buy a my Max pulled of price and if what like is a stop of range to price affordable take you a the eye to this my 4 by much less than what imagine.

Xiaomi my Max, breaker in size and price


Xiaomi my Max is not a device for all budgets, and don’t say it for the price, if not for its brutal 6.4-inch screen. Is is of a terminal ideal to consume multimedia, with a battery of infarction and power to spare.

We remind you that in its interior has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 650 and 3 GB of RAM, specifications very top for a ridiculous price. So only 223 euros is what cost this my Max by entering the code XMEXS on this link Gearbest.

By this price simply does not exist any phablet of these features, so feel free to take a look if you like the moving of large format.

Xiaomi Mi4, a classic not aging

Xiaomi Mi4

It is incredible that despite having 2 years, Xiaomi Mi4 remains one of the best options below the 150 euros. Processor Snapdragon 801, 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, simply outstanding. By entering the code GBXiaoMiMi4 you can buy it for just 138 euros, from this link that you provide.

Remember that you must be registered with Facebook, Gmail or your account Gearbest so the codes are applied. Once done, only you must add to cart Mobile you want, or even both if you want to get two incredible groundbreaking priced terminals.

5 reasons why if you should use Google Duo

The last days are has been talking long and hard, in different media sector, of the arrival the new service of video calls from Google: Google Duo. This application was presented officially during the latest edition of the Google I/o 2016 and now, after a time, we can finally enjoy it in our devices.

A few days ago, a colleague of Andro4all gave us some reasons why not to use Google Duo. But as us like offer different views, in this occasion want to give you other reasons by which if recommend make use of the new service of video calls of Google.

5 reasons to use Google Duo No need to have an account to make use of it

One of the advantages that has to make use of Google Duo is that we will not need to create an account to make video calls. It is as simple as having pointed to the number of the person you want to call, without the need for anything else.

This is a great advantage if we bear in mind that not all users who want to make use of this service have because you have an account. In this way, Google ensures that all users can be encouraged, as a minimum, test the application to see if you like them or not.

Video calls are encrypted end to end

Another advantage of using Google Duo to make video calls is your security when communicating with other users. And is that the new Google service account with an end-to-end encryption, i.e., any third party will be able to access communication we’re having with other users.


This is a feature that we are already seeing in other instant messaging applications and giving much more peace of mind to users who are truly concerned about the privacy of their conversations. For this reason, we can say without fear of being wrong that the use of Google Duo is very safe.

It is capable of running on slow networks

One of the features that I like most of Google Duo is has the ability to run even on slow networks (2G), which even if the signal is low or weak can continue making and receiving calls. In addition, the service of Google is very versatile and will allow us to start a call while we are connected to a WiFi network and continue to the mobile network.

There is no doubt that these are characteristics which give greater versatility to the service of Google and make it even more interesting against the other options available today.

Being Google is synonymous with good performance

When a service appears on the scene under the name of a new or less well-known company, there are many users who come to show some mistrust for reliability that might offer. This is completely normal and that is justified by possible inexperience of the company and the fact that the surname whether we like it or not, today gives much cache.


In that sense, making use of Google Duo is synonymous with quality and reliability if we take into account that the Montain View company has years of experience behind him and has a great team. And although the new Google video service has certain aspects that improve, we have to recognize that its simplicity and performance have become an application very downloaded by users during their first days of life.

Toc Toc function can be very useful

An of the curiosities of the application of video calls of Google is its function Toc Toc. Thanks to it you can see a live video of the person calling you – up to 30 seconds – before answering (is only enabled with your contacts and it can be disabled at the time you want).

Of this mode, if are us which make the video call, this curious function will allow that our partner can see us, as if of a view prior is were, before even of that take it called. This might be quite useful for those who want to avoid picking up the call of someone with whom you do not want to talk at that time and that gives added value to the Google Duo.

If you have not yet tested Google Duo and want to draw your own conclusions, you can download the application for free from Google Play. Those who are already users of the new Google video calling application are invited to give your opinion and give us your reasons to make use of Google Duo.

Google PlayGoogle Duo (Free)

This is what will present Sony at the IFA in Berlin

As was the case with Huawei or Lenovo, which we have been promised the first mobile and tablet flexible, different manufacturers introduce us a little how will be your IFA 2016. Today, it is the turn of Sony.

In effect, more or less two weeks of the start of the edition of the past of the IFA in Berlin, Sony “dropped” by its Invitational poster some products which will be released in this technology fair.

Sony Xperia XR, Playstation VR, televisions, cameras and more at the IFA-2016

As read in Android Authority, Sony this tomorrow us has unveiled the plans of his presentation official of the IFA 2016, i.e., some of them news that us van to present the next 1 of September, including the new Sony XR.

Specifically, as we can see below, Sony has us prepared news about your headset of virtual reality, the ultimate in flat screen TVs, headphones, a possible new Action Cam and of course your new smartphone.


As it leaked days ago, Sony could present in Berlin the new Sony Xperia XR, a new mobile Sony Xperia X family of which is not known virtually nothing of its specifications, but if your design is known in full.

This Xperia XR are expected to not follow the path of his brothers and exit while in comparison in rivals priced, as happened with the baked Xperia completo X, x and X Performance. Yet all are superstitions of a photo, so you can to not go to present on September 1.

Secondly, PlayStation fans will also be served with the new PlayStation 4 Neo, which is almost sure to be presented at the hands of the PlayStation VR, the new commitment of Sony for the virtual reality that will give a new leap in this IFA 2016.

So, don’t miss the #SonyIFA which will take place on Thursday, September 1, at the 13: 00 Spanish time, in Berlin, Germany. As always, you can follow it with us here itself or from our YouTube channel, where we will try to bring you as soon as possible their scoops at first hand.

What want to see you in this Conference? What do you expect of the Xperia XR?

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These are the specifications of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Xiaomi is one of the best brands of Chinese phones that we can find today. While it is true that Huawei has moved forward and removed the post to the Chinese brand, the Redmi company is still staying strong. Recently we are hearing much about Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, and although we know some other detail, today we are going to have a few more. In the new terminal of Xiaomi box – as in the of all phones – come a few specifications, and is that box has been leaked.

After reveal is that the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is will present the 25 of August, i.e., in six days, and see how would be his design, today know how are the bowels of this new device that already you advancement that not paints nothing wrong. The phone does not stop being a phablet of medium, medium-high range, but better that you can see it for yourselves.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 specifications

Caja del Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

In the table that you have then you can see all the specifications that have been leaked. As you can imagine are not all, since it is a case in which no details every inch of the terminal. However, let us get an idea of what will be the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

Specifications Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Material of construction Metal screen 5.5 inch processor MediaTek helium X 20 ten-core 2 GHz memory RAM 2 GB / 3 GB storage 16 GB / 64 GB 13 megapixel camera / 5MP 4,100 mAh battery

As you can see, the phone comes in two different models: a version of 2 GB of RAM with 16 GB of storage and a 3 GB to 64 GB – instead of 32, a thing which is quite good. The box that has been leaked refers to the most powerful model, and although it is not listed on the box, according to suggest from the source, the terminal will have fingerprint scanner, which will be located under the rear camera.

Unfortunately, nowhere refers to the price, even in Yuan, but we only wait six days until the official presentation. It will then be when know not only the price but the release date and the availability of the terminal – since it continues to be a possibility that the new Xiaomi Redmi Note is only to market Chinese-. As soon as we have more information we will make it I get, but as you can see, what’s new in Xiaomi promises.

Do you think of the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 specifications?

The new Shadowgun Legends for Android has spectacular graphics

Games for mobile devices have grown a lot during the last few years, due in part to the breakthrough of the hardware they have inside smartphones and tablets. Some titles have served to both users and developers to take much more seriously the mobile platform and is has seen the great leap in quality that can be appreciated today.

Hoping to get the most out of what we have today, Madfinger Games developers have released a trailer for its upcoming release. This spectacular game comes to continue with the Shadowgun franchise and promises to give much to talk about over the coming months: Shadowgun Legends.

You may be interested: Games of reality augmented to have in account when we tired of Pokemon GO

For those who have never played the original title, we have to say that it is a third person game set in a dystopian future where corporations are above Governments. Us put us squarely in the skin of a Shadowgun, a bounty hunter who’s mission is to catch an evil scientist without scruples.

Shadowgun Legends will feature a stunning visual appearance

The title seems to have some really spectacular graphics, some pretty good controls and a history that we will hook you from the first moment. In this sense, we must remember that the second game of the series, Shadowgun: Deadzone, brought with it a new multiplayer mode that engages very well with the mechanics of the game.

We know that Legends will feature a style very similar to the universe Destiny where players can select and customize their characters. It will be based in the graphics engine Unity3D engine and will be an RPG where our goal will be to get rewards increasing so that our equipment and progress will improve as we move forward.

Based on the screenshots, which seem to be typical of the game scenes, this is one of the most impressive visually that has been for mobile devices. In fact, if we take the word to the lead developer, Marek squid, this will be the most ambitious project that has been carried out in Madfinger.


Madfinger has decided, in order to give greater impetus to its last title, put the first installment of Shadowgun priced special for a few days. In this way, those who want to do with the first installment of the series will be able to do so for 1.29 euros until August 22.

Play with the original title will help new players learn about the universe and the mechanics, what Shadowgun Legends you will make much more interesting and enjoyable. As for the release date can be said that too many news, there are but Madfinger has promised provide news about it in the Gamescon from this week.

Google Play | ShadowGun (1.29 euros)

SourceAndroid Police

We show you in video how Duo, the new app from Google video

Although not yet available in Google Play download, Google Duo can now be used in many countries, such as Spain and Mexico, thanks to the installation of the APK. For those who do not know what we are talking about, Duo is the new application from Google that will serve us to make free video calls – with only spending of the megs of our rate, in a very simple way, and both from Android and iOS.

Undoubtedly it is an app very interesting that Google wants to mark a before and then in the field of video calls. For this reason, we decided to record a video where we show you how to use, how it works, and what is our opinion about Google Duo, with every little detail. Without more, you leave you with the video.

Google Duo, testing and reviews

As already said my colleague Jose Garcia in their particular test, Google Duo stands out particularly for its simplicity. In this sense, we can compare it with apps for messaging like WhatsApp or Telegram, and the similarities start already from the process of verification and identification of the user, which is also made by our phone number and an SMS with a code.

Once we have our account already verified you can go to the main screen of the application, and here we notice that interface is really simple – again a point in common with the above apps . A fact that denotes the path to which you want to direct Google: that everyone can use Duo without any complication, just as easily that sends a message via WhatsApp or make a traditional call.

This also we let clear the differentiation with Hangouts, as I had yesterday in another article. In Duo can not make group calls, or sharing links, documents, or other files, so it is totally focused to field more personal and direct, while Hangouts is the application for companies, teams, groups of class and other sectors that require a broader software .

Make a video call with Google Duo is as simple as clicking on the huge blue icon of video call that appears on screen, and then we will see our contact list, differentiating between those who have already installed Duo, and therefore we can make a video call, and those who do not have it, to which we can send an invitation so that they download it.

This is a video call with Google Duo

Videollamadas y contactos en Duo

Once started the video call, enter in game one of the details most curious Google duo, which is the “knock knock” function. Thanks to this, our partner can see us, as if a preview they were, before even of that take the call. As we say, a curiosity that probably has little utility for most users, and in fact, you can turn off if we wish at any time.

When we are at last in full video call, we see that both image and audio quality is quite acceptable. Clear is that this is going to depend on completely of the quality of connection and coverage that have each one of them users. To worse quality and less coverage, the quality of the image is can get to resent until the point of that is pixel or even is is it screen gray, and only can listen the audio.

But in summary accounts, If our connection is good, the video also will be good. It is noteworthy also that we spend during the call of a mobile data connection Wi-Fi connection, and vice versa, without having to leave the call and with a small cut of just a twinkling of an eye. For calls on mobile data, have the option to limit the consumption of the same, clear that the image quality will be worse.

Google Duo prueba opinion consumo datos

User opinions about Google Duo

After our tests, we can say that Google Duo us has liked, and much. Its simplicity is its password of identity and at the same time can be the key to the success. Not the slightest doubt that Google does to Duo make an application more than video calling, but that what he wants is to be the application of video calls, this app that uses all over the world in their day to day, as they use many of your applications like Gmail or YouTube.

In short, Google Duo comes to be one of the references in this video calling apps . The road will not be easy, as there are alternatives such as Skype, Viber, Tango or the Facebook Messenger, are quite popular and have millions of users in their ranks in the middle. Google is now the selling Duo to those users, and convince them that it is the best application of video of the moment.

And you, What do you think of Google Duo? You will use the application?

Google Play | Google Duo (Pre-registration)
APKMirror | Google Duo

My Pay, the new service of payments by NFC launched Xiaomi

Mobile payments are gaining ground, little by little, to traditional payment methods. For many people carry many credit cards or much cash is history, since you can pay with your smartphone in the vast majority of establishments. Today Xiaomi, the giant Chinese, is has dear climb to the cart of them payments Mobile, and has released my Pay, his own bet to facilitate them payments of their users.

While it is true that the adoption of this method in some countries still have much to progress, Xiaomi does not want to be less and wants to give its customers the possibility of using it. And that’s fine. As you can imagine, Xiaomi my Pay, as happens with Samsung Pay or Apple Pay, only may be used by them terminals of Xiaomi, although not have been too clear in the presentation-that had place this same night-.

Clearly will need a terminal Xiaomi , moreover, having connectivity NFC. This is the technology used for mobile payments, and without it we can do little. What we don’t know is what terminals will get this new implementation. It is clear that the new phones that this company can make use of my Pay, but do not know if the former may.


Another fact to keep in mind is that this technology can be used only in China, at least for the time being. It is normal that Xiaomi has decided to take the test in their original country before releasing it to the world. If the method works and Pay my Xiaomi becomes popular, it will not be rare to reach around the world so that all users of the brand terminals can use it. At the moment, we can only hope.

We don’t know if ship logo, Xiaomi Mi 5, will receive some kind of update to implement my Pay – something that would be great given the lowered price that we announced today same-. What is clear is that the next terminals, as the My Note 2, are susceptible of be them first in have my Pay of shape native, but of time only can wait to Xiaomi it confirm.

Do you think Xiaomi to release my Pay? Would it be better to bet on Android Pay?

How to play Pokémon GO in GTA V PC

It is clear that follows Pokémon GO fever and that has penetrated very well in all types of public, causing users who weren’t very fans to this cartoon series have ventured out into the street and find their own Pokemon. The game continues with its progression, and you have already upgraded to a new version that has of course been analysed in Andro4all.

As we say, the game continues with more and more share of people using this new project of Niantic having so much success since its launch, and as in all game, based on the hours and hours of departure, users are finding tricks with which to benefit to faster progress, as fake location or an app to find Pokemon in a simple way.

But the only complaint that some players blame him is the need to be in constant motion, – something that is also good for health – to find Pokemon, and we have the solution for those who cannot or are not very by the work of all day away from home, or who simply don’t have a terminal able to move this game and want to also have fun with this new product from the Nintendo brand.

Only need two requirements: do you have a computer with the video game GTA V in your possession? If so, you can play Pokémon GO without any problems, and without leaving home. According to HobbyConsolas, a user called LudicrousBeach has created a mod in the game of Rockstars, uploaded to your channel of Youtube, in where you can capture any Pokemon that you find by all the streets of them Santos. Of this way, this GTA V it has practically all for be the best Simulator for the life real, and so only have that launch a Pokeball for capture to these bugs, besides have Pokeparadas for to get eggs to incubate them. Something that was unthinkable a while ago.

Pokémon GO | Mod GTA V

Crazy Google Play Saturday: over 17 games and reduced applications

The Google Play Store is the epicenter of all the applications of Android, i.e., is your shop official where found all those applications available for our mobile, and is pre-installed in all them.

Occasionally, some developers (or the same Google) the brain turns on them and they lowered the price of its products an outrage. Yesterday (and today) was one of these occasions, so you bring them all together.

Discounts of up to 50% on games and applications on the Google Play

In fact, from now you can download certain games and applications with more than 50% off for a limited time. We are talking about developers like Square Enix or applications that neither more nor less allow you to see with your own eyes the international space station.

Specifically, the discounted games are:

And in terms of applications, we found on sale…:

Rebajas Google Play juegos apps widget

So, with more or less discount these are applications that have fallen in price this past Friday and you can only download at this price for a limited time. From here, we recommend the latest Final Fantasy series or if you’ve proposed you a great trip this August, Maps & safe Navigation which will prevent that you miss on more than one occasion.

Remember that to buy an app in the Google store you will need to associate your credit card with your Google account, although it is also possible to pay by your balance accumulated in Google Play for any reason.

Final Fantasy VI

If on the other hand you do not like the game or application you just buy, always can “return it” (refund) in a two hour period. After this time limit, you will have to send a request or contact the developer.

What application do you like more?

Now yes, Pokémon GO players are being banned

Pokémon GO was a boom from the moment of its release. That caused that many players are cast into the street like crazy to capture the creatures, since as he sat on the couch was impossible. More or less. As the game became popular, developers began looking for traps, and hacks and bots were created that allowed you to play the game without moving, programming routes and automating the game. Niantic has said “Enough already”, and it has begun to ban players who used those traps.

Niantic is a very peculiar API and a few really restrictive terms of use. In these terms and conditions of use, is prohibited use applications of third to play to Pokemon GO, and since them hacks and bots van against those terms, them players that them use also them violate. The penalty is clear: a permanent and temporary – ban in the worst cases.

The banning of an account means that we will be unable to access it, so only we have the possibility to get an account or appeal to the Nuevo of the same. If we fail to Niantic “forgive us” sanction, we will lose all progress and all that we have achieved using the hacks. Some users also report that they have received a sanction that does not allow them to take the PokeParadas objects or capture Pokemon, although such punishment usually lasts a couple of hours.

The permanent bans have already begun to notice. In Argentina, a user reports that he has seen as leaders of gyms with Pokemon with more than 3,000 points of combat have disappeared. Why? Because in Argentina the game came out last Thursday, and it is impossible to get that level of legitimate form. Niantic has realized, and players have been blocked, losing not only gyms but full count.

The truth is that use bots and hacks in a game whose grace is out on the street to walk is a little stupid. Pokemon GO lose all the grace with these practices, since that not only does not enjoy the game, but it hinders the experience to other users, which may not capture since gyms that Pokemon are too strong. Niantic to block these users is legitimate, and I think really successful. If you want to play Pokémon GO, play legally and enjoy the experience before they get classes and you may not have time to go out and play.

What you think the decision of Niantic? Do you think right?